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A family business since 1928, Le Glazik brand is part of the history of Brittany. Supplying professional fishermen to this day, the company still offers products inspired by the sea, a legacy of its history.

An authentic manufacturer, iconic products made in France such as the caban and the kelp have made its reputation in France and beyond.

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Le Glazik Products

Le Glazik brand products. Manufacturers specializing in marine clothing since 1928, it is from the roots of the profession of fishermen, of which it is still the supplier, that it draws its inspiration each season.

The history of the products, forerunner on the market with its organic cotton canvas for more than 20 years, the Le Glazik family house tells the story of its creations or explains the authentic products.

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The news

Find all the news of the brand, new products, customers, or partnerships.

It's also an opportunity to recall old newspaper articles, events from the past, memories are always as interesting as the present moment!

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