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Women's Duffle Coats from Maison Le Glazik. Coats which are well known among sailors and consumers alike, it is easily recognizable at first glance: Three-quarter length coat with hood, wooden or horn fasteners for buttoning called brandebourgs, its duffle woollen fabric from which it takes its name, patch pockets... All these details have made it an essential part of the seaside look, and in women's wardrobe of the french Atlantic coast and especially of the Breton women. In a classic cut or more fashionable in beautiful winter colours, each of our customers will find the duffle coat that suits her and that she likes. The House of Le Glazik, specialist in marine clothing since its creation in 1928, is committed to high quality manufacturing with a very high level of know-how. Thick and heavy woolen coat that will keep you warm all winter long and protect you from the wind.

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