Women Kabig, iconic Breton Coat - Maison Le Glazik

The Female Kabig from the Le Glazik collection. The Kabig is to the Breton what the ermine is to the flag: inseparable. Great classic of the Breton sailors' dress since the 18th century. Also called Le kab an aod, Le Glazik offers you the authentic Kabig. The name, coming from the Breton "cab" which means cape and the diminutive "ig". This coat having thus a cape for ancestor, has thus crossed time and tides to reach our customers' wardrobe, in fashionable versions giving it a very feminine look. Recognizable by its wooden buttoning, it is a coat that protects well against cold and humidity. Its authentic woollen sheet made it the coat of the Breton women par excellence in the 60s. Not too long and its hood gives our kabig an iconic style.

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