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Pirate Pants, short pants - Maison Le Glazik

The Corsair / Pirate pants from Le Glazik Collection. Trousers that stop at mid-leg, similar to short pants for the length, called Capri in Italy. It's a little trousers with a seaside style, proposed in several colours it is recognizable by its button at the bottom of the leg which finishes the style.
Made in the light Le Glazik fabric, it is a pleasant summer or mid-season garment.

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Pompadour, Stretch canvas pirate pants

Price €87.50
The Pompadour model corsair pants for women from the Maison Le Glazik. The corsair is a short pants that stops between the knee and the ankle, with a button to tighten the lower leg. Available in stretch fabric for more comfort and flexibility, these pants will fit all your movements. The...
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