For 30 years, Le Glazik uses organic cotton canvas, safe by Oeko-Tex standard and complying the European regulation about textile dyes REACH. This cotton has a positive impact on our customers & the environment : it is bio...logical !

Cones cotton

What does "organic" mean ? 

The cotton is organic when it is not genetically modified nor treated, then converted without chemicals. 
Farmers are entitled to use natural treatments, such as pheromones traps, decoctions of Margousier leaves, manure...

Champ de coton

Cotton plantation

What are the benefits of the organic cotton ?  

The organic cotton is free from every allergens, so is eco-friendly for the ageing people or the toddlers.  Plus, the farmer and his family is not compelled to be in contact with poisonous products.
Our organic cotton fabric is made in France, from the thread to the cloth, according to the European Union norms
Coton chaise

What about the boon for the environment ?
Intensive farming methods exhaust soils and exterminate local species. On the contrary, organic farming preserves ecosystems.
Farmers can use their own crops year after year, or buy regular crops so as not to depend from GMO cotton crops providers; organic farming preserves the diversity of cotton tree species
Last but not least, organic farming does not opt for water-guzzler intensive irrigation. 


                          Our organic cotton made garments have their main picture stamped

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