Brand story, Know-How heritage

Founded in 1928, Maison Le Glazik is still today a French family business.

Pierre Guichard, a Breton tailor, created a workshop with the aim of providing Breton sailors with quality products, very resistant, made to last.

More than 90 years after the House of Le Glazik remains in the objective of its first hours: to offer its customers authentic products of very good workmanship, which stand the test of time.

Still a supplier to professional fishermen, the Le Glazik brand offers, in addition to iconic products such as caban and kelp, more fashionable products through its seaside retailers and its website.

It was in 1928 that Le Glazik was born in Quimper. The idea was born in the mind of a cloth representative who associates with his army friend who was a tailor. From the very beginning the aim was to manufacture quality clothing for sailors in an industrial way, something that did not exist in 1928.

Le Glazik clothing is above all a human and family adventure in Brittany in the 30s.

The Guichard family has developed the brand based on a manufacturing and quality at any test. Renowned and recognised, the Le Glazik brand is still today a supplier to professional Breton fishermen.

It is through history that the Le Glazik brand tells its story, and pays tribute to the efforts and perseverance of its founder.

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