Women's collection of Le Glazik - French Breton sailors' clothing since 1928. Authentic seaside products in the best qualities of fabrics, inspired by the roots of the brand that has been supplying Breton sailors since 1928, the Maison Le Glazik keeps the authenticity of its history by offering fashionable marine clothing in order to propose original creations to its customers, while keeping intact its iconic classics such as the smock or the pea coat, of which it has been the authentic specialist since 1928. The range of the Women's collection is very extensive, allowing each of our customers to choose from skirts, shorts, blouses, trousers, pants, jackets, pea coat, sailor's smock, coat, parka, ... and many other garments, always with a quality and manufacturing corresponding to the sustainable fashion movement that Le Glazik has always respected since its origin. Its slogan since 1928 is the exact representation and has made its reputation: "Time will pass, Le Glazik will hold out".

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Pompadour, Stretch canvas pirate pants

Price €82.50
The Pompadour model corsair pants for women from the Maison Le Glazik. The corsair is a short pants that stops between the knee and the ankle, with a button to tighten the lower leg. Available in stretch fabric for more comfort and flexibility, these pants will fit all your movements. The...

Faenza, Linen and natural cotton jacket

Price €95.00
The Faenza jacket from the women Le Glazik collection. Light and very supple jacket thanks to its very pleasant cotton-linen fabric, this jacket is perfect for the cool spring days or summer evenings. Superior quality workmanship and fabric guarantee a product that lasts and retains its beauty...

Malouine, Inkpot Linen Blouse

Price €62.50
The Malouine Linen Blouse from the Femme Le Glazik collection. Blouse in a superior quality of fabric, in natural linen, in a magnificent blue colour, will captivate the heart of our customers, whether they are Breton or not. A product made to last, from the summer collection, you will be...

Danae, Lined Coat

Price €150.00
The women's coat from the Le Glazik winter collection. Lined coat it will keep you warm all winter long. Original and elegant, this coat is made in an exclusive Le Glazik fabric. Original shape with an asymmetrical collar for a unique look. Made to last.

Finna, Genuine indigo denim jacket

Price €62.50
The women's jacket in genuine indigo denim from the Le Glazik collection. A jacket in cotton polyester, a true canvas of the blues jeans of yesteryear, the Finna jacket stands out for its authenticity and fashionable look. A true product of sustainable fashion, this jacket made to last will...

Europa, light raincoat

Price €85.00
The waterproof raincoat model from the Le Glazik women's collection. Waterproof jacket, coat or parka, the Europa model is a very light outerwear, perfect to protect yourself from rain or sea spray. Women's double-breasted jacket, fashionable spirit for a vintage inspiration of the...

Bayonne, Lined short pea coat spirit

Price €140.83
The Bayonne jacket from the Le Glazik women's collection. Jacket "pea coat spirit" short lined. Lapel pockets and fancy buttons signed LE GLAZIK make this jacket an atypical yet authentic model. Made from very high quality wool, the Bayonne jacket is made to last several seasons at your side.

Mugello, Fancy Flower Blouse

Price €49.17
The Mugello blouse from the Le Glazik women's collection. Original and fancy blouse with flowers, it is colourful and feminine. Light and pleasant to wear, it is very cheerful. Made to last, of superior quality, the Magello blouse is a product you absolutely must have!
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